Auto-bid Deal

Option2️⃣ Auto-bid deal

  • After a miner is allocated to a car file by Market Matcher, the client needs to send auto-bid deals using the information submitted to swan in step Create A Task.
  • This step is executed in infinite loop mode, it will send auto-bid deals contiuously when there are deals that can meet below conditions.
  • your tasks in swan
  • task.bid_mode=1
  • offline_deals.status=Assigned
./swan-client auto -out-dir [output_files_dir]
Command parameters used in this step:
  • -out-dir(optional): Swan deal final metadata files will be generated to the given directory. When ommitted, use default: [sender].output_dir. See Configuration
Configurations used in this step:
Files generated for each task after this step:
  • [task-name]-auto-deals.json: Deal CID updated based on [task-name]-metadata.json generated on next step. See Offline Deal
  • Logs are in directory ./logs
  • You can add nohup before ./swan-client to ignore the HUP (hangup) signal and therefore avoid stop when you log out.
  • You can add >> swan-client.log in the command to let all the logs output to swan-client.log.
  • You can add & at the end of the command to let the program run in background.
  • Such as:
nohup ./swan-client auto -out-dir [output_files_dir] >> swan-client.log &