Manual-bid or Auto-Bid mode

Option2️⃣ Manual-bid or Auto-Bid mode

  • Conditions: [sender].public_deal=true and [sender].bid_mode=1, see Configuration
./swan-client task -input-dir [car_files_dir] -out-dir [output_files_dir] -dataset [curated_dataset] -description [description]
Command parameters used in this step:
  • -input-dir(Required): Input directory where the generated car files and metadata files reside in.
  • -out-dir(optional): Metadata files and swan task file will be generated to this directory. When ommitted, use default [send].output_dir, see Configuration
  • -dataset(optional): The curated dataset from which the car files are generated
  • -description(optional): Details to better describe the data and confine the task or anything the storage provider needs to be informed.
Configurations used in this step:
Files generated after this step:
  • [task-name]-metadata.json: Contains more content for creating proposal in the next step. Uuid will be updated based upon car.json generated in last step. See Offline Deal