SWAN Job Incentive Grant: Matching Mechanism


To encourage job creators to place more jobs on the SWAN platform by providing a matching incentive, thereby enhancing the overall vibrancy and sustainability of the SWAN ecosystem.


1. Matching Percentage:

  • For every job placed by a creator, SWAN will match a predetermined percentage of the job's cost.

  • This percentage acts as a direct incentive, providing additional value to the job creator's investment.

2. Cap on Matching:

  • While the matching percentage provides added value, there's a ceiling to ensure fairness and sustainability.

  • Regardless of the job's cost, the maximum matching amount by SWAN is limited to 100 Tokens.

3. Example:

  • For a job costing 500 Tokens:

    • At a 10% match: SWAN contributes 50 Tokens.

    • At a 50% match: SWAN contributes 250 Tokens.

    • If the match exceeds 100 Tokens, only 100 Tokens are contributed due to the cap.

4. Periodic Review:

  • The system isn't static. Both the matching percentage and the cap are subject to periodic reviews.

  • Factors influencing reviews include available funds, job placement rate, and the overall health of the SWAN ecosystem.

  • Adjustments ensure the program remains beneficial and sustainable.

5. Eligibility Criteria:

  • To maintain the quality and integrity of the system, not all jobs or creators automatically qualify for matching.

  • Criteria can encompass:

    • Quality and relevance of jobs.

    • The creator's history and reputation.

    • Alignment with SWAN's overarching objectives.

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