Swan Jupiter Testnet

Welcome to the exciting world of Swan Jupiter Testnet, where you're invited to participate in our incentivized campaign!

From November 20th to December 20th, 2023 (EST), follow the Documentation or the tutorial video to set up your Computing Provider and join us in shaping Swan's future as an open marketplace for cloud resources.

Campaign Duration: November 20th, 2023, 00:00 (EST) - December 20th, 2023, 23:59 (EST)


Swan Testnet is on a mission to establish an open and decentralized marketplace for cloud computing resources, leveraging the power of the Optimism Network.

By incentivizing global computing providers, Swan aims to broaden access to GPU power for AI/ML projects and dApp deployment. This campaign is an opportunity to showcase Swan's capabilities, gather feedback, and reward providers, marking a significant stride toward realizing an efficient, open marketplace for cloud computing.


  1. Onboard 50 new computing providers to the Swan testnet to expand geographic coverage and computing capacity

  2. Achieve over 100 GPUs contributed across computing providers to provide robust AI and dApp infrastructure

  3. Enable over $10,000 worth of computing transactions on the testnet for stability testing of multichain payment channels.

  4. Support the deployment of at least 500 Spaces on the Swan network

  5. Form strategic partnerships with 5 AI/ML projects to demonstrate Swan's ability to power cutting-edge innovation

  6. Gather feedback from 30+ Computing Providers to help inform the roadmap and mainnet launch

  7. Distribute allocated SWAN rewards to incentivize providers and drive participation

  8. Document key learnings, challenges, and successes throughout the testnet launch to aid the transition to mainnet

Reward 1: Universal Basic Income (UBI) Trial Rewards

Experience the benefits of Universal Basic Income (UBI) in the Swan Network. As an eligible Computing Provider, you have the opportunity to win the UBI Trial Rewards prize pool.

Reward 2: Contribution Rewards

Embark on the Swan Testnet journey by contributing your computing power! Participate in our Contribution Rewards event and stand a chance to be part of the prize pool of around 100,000 SWAN shared among eligible providers.

Reward 3: Regional Computing Dao Pilot Program Expand the Swan ecosystem and earn additional rewards through our Regional Computing Dao Pilot Program. Join from cities and countries without a representative CP and be part of the Swan Testnet journey. Eligible participants can earn up to 600 SWAN tokens.

Reward 4: Referral Rewards Spread the word and bring in new Computing Providers to Swan Network! As a referrer, you'll earn exciting rewards for each qualified referral, contributing to the growth of our thriving community. Receive 300 SWAN tokens for each successful referral.

Total Incentives


Reward type

Max reward per submission

Max incentivized submissions

Total rewards/SWAN


Universal Basic Income (UBI) Trial





Contribution Rewards

no limit

no limit



Regional Computing Dao Pilot Program





Referral Rewards






Note: Max incentivized submissions are subject to change based on actual circumstances.

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