Acquire Testnet USDC and MATIC tokens

This page will show you how to obtain and add testnet USDC to MetaMask.

If you already have Testnet USDC and MATIC tokens, please skip to MCP User Guide start using our multi-chain payment service.

Choose the network

By using the Swan faucet, you can get Testnet USDC and MATIC tokens for your account on the Polygon Mumbai or BSC network.

Get USDC and MATIC tokens from Swan faucet

  • Connect to MetaMask

  • Choose the network of Polygon Mumbai or BSC network, and click the Send request button.

  • You should see a window show up with the text 'Transaction initiated'.

  • Once the transaction is confirmed on-chain, the window will show 'Request complete', along with the transaction hash of your request.

  • Check the balance at your wallet. Or, he balance will be automatically displayed below the Testnet account address input field.

Note: You can only use this faucet for a wallet address once every 24 hours.

Add USDC token in MetaMask wallet

  • In order to see your USDC token balance in MetaMask, you will need to import this token.

  • In MetaMask click on the Import tokens link under the 'Assets' tab. Copy the following address:

  • Paste the token contract address into MetaMask in the Token Contract Address input. The token symbol and decimals of precision will auto-populate. Click on the Add Custom Token button.

  • A new window will appear, showing the USDC token details. Click on the Import Tokens button.

  • MetaMask should now display the new USDC balance.

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