6. A rejection msg always appears during the deal-importing process

First, you can check whether the deal is rejected:

lotus-miner stroage-deals list -v| grep <deal_cid>

If the deal is rejected, please check whether the filter is set correctly in the configuration file [Dealmaking] of the storage provider as shown below:

  Filter = "/home/test/dealfilter.pl"

Deals sent from the address in the denylist cannot be imported. You can check the denylistin the dealfilter.pl and add/delete addresses according to your needs.


use warnings;
use strict;
use 5.014;

# Uncomment this to lock down the miner entirely
# print "Miner currently upgrading - BACK SOON";
# exit 1;

# A list of wallets you do not want to deal with
# For example this enty will prevent a shady ribasushi
# character from storing things on your miner
my $denylist = { map {( $_ => 1 )} qw(

use JSON::PP 'decode_json';

my $deal = eval { decode_json(do{ local $/; <> }) };
if( ! defined $deal ) {
  print "Deal proposal JSON parsing failed: $@";
  exit 1;

if( $denylist->{$deal->{Proposal}{Client}} ) {
  print "Deals from client wallet $deal->{Proposal}{Client} are not welcome";
  exit 1;

exit 0;

If you encounter any issues, please contact us on our Discord channel.

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