What is FS3?

FS3 is API compatible with Amazon S3 cloud storage service for the Filecoin network. It is committed to create a simpler and faster storage service for Filecoin network. Simply put, it is a bridge connecting S3 and FIL.

Similar to S3 object storage tool which is widely used in the industry, FS3 can also handle structured and unstructured data, including log files, artifacts, backups, container images, photos and videos.

The main function of FS3 is to act as an alternative to the current mainstream cloud storage, S3. It is fully compatible with current mainstream cloud storage solutions, supports TB to PB level data storage, and can be linked to the FIL network with one click. It also includes functions such as storage service payment and automatic data backup and recovery.

Swan provides a layer 2 cross -chain solution for Web3 projects by integrating data, computing and payment into one-suite for users. Storage solution, as one of the services provided by Swan which provides a storage marketplace on the FIL network with a complete paid storage solution for users. Users can create automatic or manual bidding tasks, upload data simultaneously, and finally, complete the data storage application.

FS3 Advantages

From a functional point of view, FS3 meets the basic needs of application developers for data storage, backup, recovery, and use, and can handle most application scenarios where data is stored. FS3 has the following advantages:

1. Providing service nodes in many countries and regions around the world

FS3 can provide application developers with multiple Filecoin storage providers around the world for data storage services. Users can choose a storage provider in the appropriate region to store their data, so as to ensure that data storage, backup, and access functions can be maximized along with transmission speed, thus providing fast data storage function for application developers.

2. Users can independently connect to Filecoin storage providers

For storage providers that have direct cooperation with application developers, FS3 can realize users’ independent docking function. In this way, FS3 is the most complete data storage, backup, and recovery tool for of developers.

3. The storage service is cheap, and the cost is low

By providing Filecoin network storage services, FS3 can achieve extremely low prices, thereby reducing developers’ data storage costs while relying on Filecoin network performance to provide a high-quality data access experience.

4. Fully compatible with existing cloud storage services

FS3 is currently fully compatible with Amazon S3 storage service functions. Swan officially provides a complete API interface for developers to carry out secondary development, allowing it to achieve more application functions.

5. Storage space can be used on demand

Data storage can be purchased on-demand, and the automatic data backup function is realized without requiring the purchase of a large amount of storage space in advance.

The impact of FS3 on the Filecoin ecosystem

At present, Filecoin network storage service providers have gradually realized decentralization, with their data centers ranging in location from Europe to the United States. Filecoin’s decentralized data storage can provide faster data storage and backup services for global users, which, coupled with low prices and reliable network services, will allow Filecoin networks to usher in a new wave of development opportunities.

The main function of FS3 is to target more users with actual needs for data storage on the Filecoin network. These users pay more attention to the development of their own businesses and the improvement of efficiency rather than focusing on Filecoin. The realization principle of Filecoin is that users only need to be able to use the product reliably and conveniently. For most developers who are engaged in storage applications, using Filecoin networks for data storage is still a big challenge.

The emergence of FS3 is specifically intended to solve this problem. The goal of FS3 is to provide a series of tools to realize an improved application of Filecoin network data storage so as to promote the use of Filecoin storage space and produce more economic benefits, avoiding the waste of network storage space.

FS3 V2.0.0 mainly enhances the commercial application landscape of FS3 from multiple aspects such as storage bucket backup plan, data history archiving, resources retrieval and rebuild, and reconstruction. The update prioritizes the experience of using FS3 from the user’s point of view, thereby further packaging FS3 into a completely competitive cloud storage service product.

In addition, FS3 is used as middleware and more development teams can also build their own data storage application services based on this. This functionality can further enrich the corresponding functions of Filecoin network data storage so that Filecoin can be more widely used.

Want to experience the FS3 testnet? Come and try it here:

FS3 calibration network public test entrance: https://calibration-fs3.filswan.com

Test username: fs3_demo

Test password: fs3_demo\

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