Storage Provider Details

To view a storage provider’s profile, go to the dashboard and click on the storage provider ID, which is in blue text.

**Storage Provider Profile **

The storage provider profile provides more background information to a storage provider. Profile Header and Summary are two sections of the profile that does not appear on the Dashboard. Profile headline is a section you can use to highlight a distinguishing feature of yourself as a storage provider. In the example below, the highlighted feature is “10TB daily sealing power.”

Following the Profile Headline is the Summary, which is used to go further into detail about your capabilities as a miner, such as sealing power, location, fiber and, etc.

Contact Info is used to contact the storage provider if any problems arise during the data storage deal. Users can put any contact method, but most users put their slack username or email.

The more detailed you can be on your profile the more you differentiate yourself from other storage providers. Clients can make better informed decisions with the more volunteered information they have access to.

Storage Provider **Data **

Storage Provider Data shows all the information that is displayed on the Dashboard. Mining Data history can be shown for the past 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, and 1 year. The past 24 hours are always the default data. To view past data, select the desired time frame that’s listed next to Mining Data.

Hovering or clicking on the question mark adjacent to the “Score” will provide more information about how a miner’s score is calculated. The score is calculated using a reputation system.

**Graphs **

The graphs in Storage Provider Details give a visual representation of the changes in a Storage Provider Score, Adjusted Storage Power, and Adjusted Storage Growth. The Adjusted Storage Power Growth is often found on the x-axis of the Power Change graph.

The graphs display up to one month of changes.

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