Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Swan UBI is designed for Computing Provider's base benefit

1. Introduction

In the Swan decentralized computing ecosystem, the Universal Basic Income (UBI) model aims to provide a basic level of compensation to qualified providers. This document outlines the specific requirements and mechanisms for the implementation of UBI within Swan.

2. UBI Eligibility

2.1 Hardware Performance

  • Providers must meet a minimum hardware performance threshold to qualify for UBI.

  • The performance can be benchmarked using algorithms like zk-proof, ensuring that the provider's hardware is capable of supporting the ecosystem's computational needs.

2.2 Proof of Ownership

  • Providers must demonstrate proof of ownership of their hardware resources.

  • This proof should be posted on-chain, ensuring transparency and verifiability.

3. UBI Calculation

3.1 Base UBI

Every qualified provider in the Swan ecosystem is eligible to receive a base UBI amount.


UBIbase=VubiUBI_{base} = V_{ubi}


  • ( UBI_{base} ) is the base UBI for the provider.

  • ( V_{ubi} ) is the value of the UBI in Swan Tokens.

3.2 Job Income Deduction

If a provider earns income from jobs, this income will be deducted from their UBI. If their job income exceeds the average UBI, they will not receive any UBI.


UBInet=UBIbaseIjobUBI_{net} = UBI_{base} - I_{job}


  • ( UBI_{net} ) is the net UBI after deducting job income.

  • ( I_{job} ) is the income earned from jobs.


if(Ijob)>=(UBIavg),then(UBInet)=0if ( I_{job} ) >= ( UBI_{avg} ), then ( UBI_{net} ) = 0


  • ( UBI_{avg} ) is the average UBI income.

4. Funding UBI

The funds for UBI can be sourced from:

  • A portion of the fees collected from job creators.

  • A reserve fund set up by Swan during its initial token offering or fundraising.

  • Voluntary contributions from larger providers or stakeholders.

5. Periodic Review

The UBI model, eligibility criteria, and funding sources should be reviewed periodically. This ensures that the system remains fair, sustainable, and aligned with the evolving needs of the Swan ecosystem.

6. Conclusion

The UBI model in the Swan ecosystem ensures that qualified providers receive a basic income, promoting inclusivity and fairness. By setting clear eligibility criteria and adjusting UBI based on job income, Swan ensures a balanced distribution of resources and rewards within its decentralized computing platform.

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