Swan Storage Market simplifies and optimizes the process of finding and utilizing decentralized storage on Filecoin. It addresses key challenges faced by users, such as lack of information on service quality, limited matching functionality, and high costs for beginners.

Key Features:

  1. Auction System:

    • Manual Bid: Users can actively select storage providers based on specific criteria like bandwidth, storage capacity, and geographic location, and participate in an open public deal.

    • Auto-Bid: A reputation-based system where storage providers are automatically matched with users, ensuring fairness and efficiency.

  2. Transparency and Efficiency:

    • Open and transparent matching system reduces the learning curve for users.

    • Ensures quick and efficient pairing of users and storage providers, promoting time-efficient storage and backup services.

  3. Task Management:

    • Introduces the concept of "tasks" to manage and batch send multiple deals, simplifying the process of handling large datasets.

  4. Swan Provider:

    • Runs on the same node as lotus miner nodes and assists in deal processing.

    • Requires authentication from the Filswan platform for better information sharing.

    • Provides a Restful API interface for easy integration into other systems.

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