Computing Layer

Decentralized Computing Power Renting Network

Swan's Computing Layer is a crucial component of its decentralized cloud computing ecosystem. It's designed to facilitate the execution of computing tasks across a network of providers, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and security. Here's an introduction to the key aspects of the Swan Computing Layer:

1. Computing Providers (CPs)

Computing Providers are entities within the Swan network that offer computational resources. They must provide collateral in Swan tokens to join the network, ensuring accountability.

2. Task Submission and Bidding

Users can submit computing tasks to the network. CPs can bid for these tasks, and jobs are generated for each CP that joins the bid. The system may use a randomized allocation method to fairly distribute jobs among providers.

3. Execution and Rewarding

CPs execute the tasks and are rewarded with Swan tokens upon successful completion. The reward mechanism may follow a Proof-of-Work (PoW) auction style, where CPs have a chance to win a ticket if they complete the job.

4. Collateral and Slashing

CPs must collateralize a certain amount of Swan tokens to participate in the network. If a CP fails to complete a job as promised, a portion of their collateral is slashed. This incentivizes providers to fulfill their commitments.

5. Cross-Chain Capability and Payment

Swan's computing layer has cross-chain capabilities, allowing payments from multiple blockchain tokens. A swap engine converts user-paid tokens to Swan tokens before paying the CPs.

6. Decentralized and Secure

The Swan Computing Layer operates in a decentralized manner, leveraging blockchain technology to ensure transparency, security, and trust.

7. Integration with Other Swan Services

The Computing Layer is part of a broader ecosystem that includes storage provider selection, data management, and seamless integration from IPFS to the Filecoin network.


Swan's Computing Layer represents a significant advancement in decentralized cloud computing. By leveraging blockchain technology and a sophisticated system of task allocation, collateral, and rewards, it offers a scalable and reliable solution for executing computing tasks across a decentralized network. Its integration with other Swan services and its cross-chain capabilities further enhance its appeal as a comprehensive solution for decentralized storage, payment gateway integration, and computing.

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