Economic System

UBI based Cloud computing model

1. SWAN Treasure DAO:

  • Staking Rewards: SWAN token holders who stake their tokens are rewarded, promoting long-term commitment and network security.

  • Investment Initiatives: Funds accumulated through staking can be invested in opportunities that align with SWAN's goals, ensuring financial growth.

  • Community Building: Funds are allocated to foster community growth, including educational programs, outreach campaigns, and partnerships.

  • Universal Basic Income (UBI): Nodes or providers receive a UBI, ensuring a steady income, especially for those who might not secure regular jobs.

  • Network Tasks & Creator Rewards: This promotes a vibrant ecosystem where creators are incentivized to contribute.

  • Budget Allocation: Ensures a balanced and sustainable financial strategy.

2. Tokenomics:

  • SWAN Token: Serves as the primary medium of exchange within the network. It's used for staking, rewards, and transaction fees.

  • Staking: Token holders can stake their SWAN tokens to earn rewards and participate in network governance.

  • Token Burn: A mechanism can be implemented where a portion of the tokens used in transactions is burned, reducing the overall supply and potentially increasing scarcity and value.

3. Compensation Mechanism:

  • Job Creators: They are compensated, especially when the UBI rate exceeds the set target, incentivizing more job placements in the system.

  • Nodes/Providers: If a node's job income is less than the UBI, they receive both the job income and the UBI. If the job income surpasses the UBI, only the job income is received.

4. Governance:

  • Committee: Comprises token holders, core developers, builders, and other contributors. They decide on fund allocation, network tasks, and other major decisions.

  • Voting: Token holders can participate in voting on proposals, changes, or decisions affecting the network.

5. Incentive Structure:

  • Network Growth: As the network grows and more jobs are placed, nodes/providers are incentivized to take up more jobs rather than relying solely on UBI.

  • Proof of Eligibility: To receive UBI, providers must prove they own the hardware they claim, ensuring genuine participation.

6. System Jobs & Creator Rewards:

  • Network Tasks: Created to ensure the network remains active, especially when the UBI rate is higher than the target.

  • Creator Rewards: Job creators are rewarded for placing jobs in the system, especially when there's a deficit of jobs.

7. Regulatory Compliance & Security:

  • Decentralized Nature: Ensures tamper-proof and secure storage of data.

  • Compliance: While the network operates autonomously, it may still need to adhere to regional or global regulations, especially concerning financial transactions.

The SWAN Economics is designed to create a balanced ecosystem where all participants, from token holders to job creators, are incentivized to contribute positively to the network's growth and sustainability.

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