11. How to configure the Storage Provider Market?

Suppose the public IP address of Lotus-miner is

1. Enable the Market Subsystem

Change the following content in the $LOTUS_MINER_PATH/config.tomlfile:

 EnableMarkets = true

2. Lotus-miner IP Configuration

Change the following content in the $LOTUS_MINER_PATH/config.tomlfile:

Change the IP in ListenAddresses to (the public IP address), specify a fixed port, for example: 1024

 ListenAddresses = ["/ip4/", "/ip6/::/tcp/0"]

After changing the configuration, you need to restart Lotus-miner.

3. Publish the Multiaddress

Publish your Multiaddress (the ListenAddresses, which you configured above) to the chain so that other nodes can talk to it directly and make deals:

lotus-miner actor set-addrs /ip4/

After the message is published and confirmed, you can check the result with the following command:

lotus state miner-info [f0xxxx]

4. Add balance to the Storage Market Actor

lotus wallet market add --from=<wallet_address> --address=<miner_ID>

5. Check the Lotus-miner connectivity



Enter your storage provider ID to check its status.

6. Configure the Lotus-miner's ask

lotus-miner storage-deals set-ask --price 0 --verified-price 0 --min-piece-size 56KiB --max-piece-size 32GiB

7. Filter client (optional)

 Filter = "jq -e '.Proposal.Client == \"f1nslxql4pck5pq7hddlzym3orxlx35wkepzjkm3i\" or .Proposal.Client == \"f1stghxhdp2w53dym2nz2jtbpk6ccd4l2lxgmezlq\" or .Proposal.Client == \"f1mcr5xkgv4jdl3rnz77outn6xbmygb55vdejgbfi\" or .Proposal.Client == \"f1qiqdbbmrdalbntnuapriirduvxu5ltsc5mhy7si\" '"

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