Treasure DAO

Staking, Investing, and Community Building

The SWAN Treasure DAO is a specialized decentralized autonomous organization dedicated to the strategic management and allocation of the SWAN network's treasury funds, with a particular focus on staking rewards, community building, and investment opportunities.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Staking Rewards: The DAO oversees the distribution of staking rewards to SWAN token holders who lock up their tokens, ensuring a fair and transparent reward mechanism that incentivizes long-term commitment to the network.

  2. Investment Initiatives: Recognizing the potential of the funds accumulated through staking, the DAO actively seeks and vets investment opportunities that align with the SWAN network's goals and values. These investments aim to grow the treasury and ensure the network's long-term financial sustainability.

  3. Community Building: A portion of the treasury funds is allocated to initiatives that foster community growth and engagement. This includes educational programs, outreach campaigns, and partnerships that enhance the SWAN network's visibility and user base.

  4. Universal Basic Income (UBI): The DAO manages the distribution of UBI to nodes or providers, ensuring a steady income stream, especially for those who might not secure regular jobs on the network.

  5. Network Tasks & Creator Grants: The DAO is responsible for the creation and management of network tasks, ensuring the network remains active. It also oversees the distribution of rewards to job creators, promoting a vibrant ecosystem where creators are incentivized to contribute.

  6. Budget Allocation: One of the DAO's primary responsibilities is the meticulous allocation of the treasury's funds. This involves determining how much is spent on each of the above categories, ensuring a balanced and sustainable financial strategy.

By efficiently managing staking rewards, investments, and community-building initiatives, the SWAN Treasure DAO plays a pivotal role in ensuring the SWAN network's growth, sustainability, and commitment to its community. Through transparent governance and strategic financial decisions, the DAO aims to maximize the benefits for all SWAN network participants.

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