Create a New Task

  1. To create a task, go to either Browse Tasks or My Task and click on the yellow button that says “Create Task.”

2. When creating a task:

  • Task name. We suggest creating a task name that is descriptive of the task. In the example below, the task name is “Swan Team 5*32GB verified Task.” Swan Team alerts storage providers that this task is an official deal that is coming from Swan and 5*32G indicates the amount of storage needed for this task.

  • Task description. Where clients can indicate certain attributes they are looking for when selecting a storage provider and describes to storage providers what the task entails. In the example below, one of the requirements is that the client wants their data to be stored somewhere in Europe.

  • Tags. Adding tags to the task will help interested storage providers find your task. Tags can be up to 14 characters long and there is a maximum of 5 tags that can be attached to a task.

  • Type. Select whether your deals are Regular or Verified.

  • Upload CSV. Upload the CSV file which contains information of the data that you want to be stored by a storage provider.

  • Curated Dataset. It indicates the source of data that you desired to store in Filecoin network.

  • Open bid. Determine if the task will be open bid by selecting yes or no.

    • By selecting “Yes,” the task will open bid and all storage providers on the Swan platform will be able to view your task in Browse Tasks.

    • If “No” is selected, then a box will appear for you to type in a storage provider ID. This task would then be sent to that specific storage provider and would not be available to other storage providers.

  • **Expected time. **Indicate how many days you expect the storage provider to take to complete the task. When storage providers bid on the task, they will indicate if they can complete it by the desired deadline or sooner.

  • Estimated budget. Estimate a maximum and a minimum amount that you would be willing to pay in FIL to a storage provider for storing your data.

3. Click the submit button to send out the task to the Swan market or a specific storage provider.

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