Assign Tasks

Reviewing & Assigning Bids

After an open bid task has been created, miners will submit bids to obtain that data storage deal. You can review these bids by going to “My Tasks” and clicking on the task name, which is in blue. This will bring you a page with a more detailed layout of that task. To view that task’s bids, click on the bids button at the top of the page.

All bids will be displayed here. Bids can vary, not all will be identical. When reviewing the bids, the proposal, price, completion rate, and days to complete are shown. To see more information about the miner, you can hover your cursor over the miner ID or click on the miner ID to view their profile.

Click on the bright green “Assign” button next to the miner you have selected for the task. After clicking on the “Assign” button, a pop-up will appear as shown below. This pop-up will ask for the designated miner’s ID and to upload the CSV file that you want to be stored.

The reason for re-uploading the CSV file is because when creating a task, anyone can view that task’s CSV file. To prevent anyone and everyone on Swan from accessing your data file, you can upload a dummy CSV file when creating the task. Then you upload the real CSV file after you have selected a miner and the pop-up above appears.

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