Q: How to run a UBI task.


1. Run the following command:

curl -k --location --request POST 'https://<public ip>:<port>/api/v1/computing/lagrange/cp/proof' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
"method": "mine",
"block_data": "this-is-a-ubi-test-task",
"exp": 230

2. The returned result matches the example provided below, indicating that your Computing Provider has run successfully

Example result:


Q: How can I know if the status of the computing provider is normal?


Run the following command:

*Note: Please replace <YOUR_MULTI_ADDRESS_IP>:<PORT> with your actual multi-address IP and port.

curl --location --request POST 'http://<YOUR_MULTI_ADDRESS_IP>:<PORT>/api/v1/computing/lagrange/jobs' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
"uuid": "5641877b-dc94-469a-bb3b-ecab6d10f7dd",
"name": "Job-5641877b-dc94-469a-bb3b-ecab6d10f7dd",
"status": "Submitted",
"duration": 900,
"job_source_uri": "https://api.lagrangedao.org/spaces/51d6abbb-f928-43e4-91fd-79e93e2b276f",
"storage_source": "lagrange",
"task_uuid": "92cd5595-9789-4af3-9100-7c7e4aacb456"

After running this command, wait for 3-5 minutes, and then execute

kubectl get ing -n ns-0x6091b2f5678952cafbf02755d78973ebff302e11

Find the hosts corresponding to the name ing-minesweeper and ensure that the domain can be accessed in a browser to confirm its normal status.

Q: My node has been running for so long, yet the uptime is 0%.


1. Run the following command:

Ensure that <YOUR_MULTI_ADDRESS_IP> is the Public IP.

curl http://<YOUR_MULTI_ADDRESS_IP>:<PORT>/api/v1/computing/host/info

2. Compare the returned result with the example provided below. If they are different, you should review your port mappings.

Example result:


3. If your port mappings are correct and the result matches the example, then proceed to check the configuration file of the computing provider.

Ensure that the MultiAddress is set exactly as "/ip4/<public_ip>/tcp/<port>".

Q: Which ports need to be mapped?

A: Here are the ports you need to map

1. You need to map the CP's internal IP and its port (default 8085), as well as the public IP and port.

2. Map your wildcard domain (*.example.com) to your public IP.

3. Additionally, you need to map port 80 of your internal IP to port 80 of your public IP, as well as port 443 of your internal IP to port 443 of your public IP.

Q: Where should I create the API key?

A: you must use the API of https://multichain.storage, and login in it using Polygon mainnet wallet.

Q: What are the requirements for SSL certificates needed in CP?

A: Please use certificates issued by trusted Certificate Authorities (CA). Currently, certificates generated by Certbot are not functioning properly.

Otherwise, the application won't be displayed correctly on the Space App page.

Q: Is it possible to use a port other than 80 and 443 in the wildcard domain(*.exmaple.com)?

A: No, it is not possible.

Q: Is the "pod" used for communication, and "Calico" is used to manage this communication within the cluster?

A: Both are used for intra-cluster communication. You can use one of these approaches.

Q: If someone didn't apply for early bird, can they still join and run the computing provider tasks?

A: Of course, they can also follow the instruction to set up a Computing Provider.

Q: Can I move my computing provider to a new one while maintaining my previous server? Will this reset my uptime?

A: Yes, you need to move .swan_node to the new server. The uptime will not be reset.

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