Extend DataCap Terms Service

The Extend DataCap Terms Service is designed to support Storage Providers in extending the expiration of their sectors' terms to maintain the 10x QA(quality-adjusted) power.


Before you get started with the Extend Datacap Terms Service., please ensure that you meet the following requirements:

  1. The sectors must be active.

  2. The deals must be received from the Swan platform.

  3. The sector's proof time must be after V17 (2383680, 2022-11-30 140000 UTC).

  4. Ensure that you have lotus-miner version 1.23.0 or higher installed.

Extend Duration:

  1. The sector expiration time can be extended by 180 days, 360 days, or 540 days.

  2. The sector's maximum expiration time cannot exceed 540 days.

How to Extend Datacap Sectors Expiration:

According to FIP0045, if you want to extend the DataCap sectors' expiration, you need to follow these two steps:

Step One :

The Client needs to update the TermMax of the Claim for every deal in the sectors:

lotus send --from <deal_wallet> --method 11  --params-json '{"Terms":[{"Provider":1836766,"ClaimID":13847890,"TermMax":3680640}]}' f06 0

Step Two :

The Storage Provider needs to extend the sector expiration:

lotus-miner sectors extend --extension=1555200  --really-do-it=true --drop-claims=true  --sector-file=[sector_file]

Swan's Extend Datacap Terms Service can help you with Step One, and the provider needs to perform Step Two.

A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Fill in your Storage Provider ID and upload the list of your Sector IDs (follow the template file).

  2. Select the Extension (extending time) and choose the claims you want to extend.

  3. Provide your Email and Transaction CID to claim your request.

  4. Click "Claim," and you will receive a confirmation email.

  5. After confirming your payment, the Swan team will complete Step One and reply with the corresponding sector information via email.

  6. Download the sectors file and run the command to complete Step Two:

lotus-miner sectors extend --extension=518400 --really-do-it=true --drop-claims=true --sector-file=[sector_file]

The extension days:

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