js mcs SDK
js-mcs-sdk is a javascript software development kit for the MCS service. It provides a convenient interface for working with the MCS API from a web browser or Node.js.
The SDK has the following MCS functionalities:
  • POST upload file to FilSwan IPFS gateway
  • POST make payment to Swan Filecoin storage gateway
  • POST mint asset as NFT
  • GET list of files uploaded
  • GET files by CID
  • GET storage status from Filecoin
The SDK has the following Metaspace functionalities:
  • GET list bucket(s)
  • PUT create bucket
  • POST upload file/folder to bucket
  • POST rename bucket
  • GET download file from bucket
  • DELETE delete bucket
  • DELETE delete file/folder from bucket


This project is sponsored by Filecoin Foundation
Last modified 8mo ago