Manual Deal

Option1️⃣ Manual deal

  • task can be found by uuid in JSON file from swan platform
  • task.bid_mode=0
./swan-client deal -json [path]/[task-name]-metadata.json -out-dir [output_files_dir] -miner [storage_provider_ids]
Command parameters used in this step:
  • -json(Required): Full file path to the metadata JSON file, see Offline Deal
  • -out-dir(optional): Swan deal final metadata files will be generated to the given directory. When ommitted, use default: [sender].output_dir. See Configuration
  • -miner(Required): Storage provider Ids you want to send car files to, miners separated by comma if there are more than one, e.g f01276 or t03354,f01276
Configurations used in this step:
Files generated after this step:
  • [task-name]-deals.json: Deal CID updated based on [task-name]-metadata.json generated on previous step, see Offline Deal